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Save the Date

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Rustique Platform, detail
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"The Brandywine Health Foundation’s annual fundraiser is the Strawberry Festival, an outdoor 4-day, family-friendly event filled with fun, games and food. To kick off the festival, donors are invited to a garden party at the home of a major donor. One of the main attractions at the garden parties is “The Battle of the Berries at Brandywine.” In this friendly contest, local restaurants are asked to prepare a dessert which features strawberries; each guest has the opportunity to try each dessert and vote for their favorite. Votes are tallied and the winning restaurant is announced at the end of the evening. It is terrific publicity for the restaurants and a delicious experience for the guests. Each year, these parties, which have become a tradition for the foundation, have a different theme that is introduced on the save the date cards and carried through on the invitations, programs and event signage. Themes for the last few years include: Hats Off to a Healthy Community, Strawberry Safari, Horse of a Different Color and East Meets West."
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From the exhibition text:
Celebrating for the right reasons

In this exhibition, Lars Korff Lofthus wants to celebrate the aesthetics of celebration itself. He has a soft spot for the various elements that make up a good party. The foundation is raising money for disabled children. Everyone is benefiting from the event. Any bitter aftertaste, the hangover, the too-much-dessert and the day after opening night is worthwhile, as long as it is done properly, and for all the right reasons.
Rustique Platform
300 x 120 x 60 cm.
hay blocks, household textile bands. Ribbon: moosfoam

from the seires
Golden Shower Cider Fountain, silkscreen, 10/24
Rustique Platform,

Entering the gallery space:
list of works, burberry scarf