<< Vest-norsk Paviljong part I
West Norwegian Pavilion part I

Vestnorsk Paviljong
(West Norwegian Pavillion)

Lightbox, plexiglass, fan, trestles, stone pier, head garment from the Hardanger national costume / bunad

135 x 155 x 165cm

about Entrèe

this is an ongoing project. More at www.vestnorskpaviljong.no

  Pavilion is a word that can be associated with biennial-representation, cultural events and spectacular construction projects. The idea of Western Norway as a cultural center and the pavilion as form is a play with authority and bombastic ambitions. All places can become central through strategic work and branding.

The fictional location for the pavilion is a pier in a port facility in Kinsarvik, Hardanger. The area has visual qualities that are a suitable framework for a pavilion. The shape of the pavilion is flirting with forms from famous international cultural buildings, while literally borrowing form from a main garment in the official Hardanger costume.