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Mennesket kjem frå Hardanger

(Man comes from Hardanger)
6 mai 2011
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Dortmund Bodega
Svein Nå
Solfrid Aksnes
Leander Djønne
Lars Korff Lofthus (curator)
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Installation view

left: Svein Nå,

right: Solfrid Aksnes
from Heim Kjære Heim | Home Sweet Home
2010 wood, acrylic, photoprint and objects
From the exhibition text:
The exhibition gathers four artists with ties to Hardanger. Solfrid Aksnes and Svein Nå are artists who have their daily practice in Hardanger- both with long careers behind them. Leander Djønne lives and works in Oslo, but grew up in Odda, Hardanger, and has conducted several of his projects there in recent years. Lars Korff Lofthus has recently settled in Hardanger after several periods of Bergen and Berlin.

Historically, everone comes from Hardanger. You come from Hardanger. The Norwegian art history comes from Hardanger. The aesthetics of Hardanger beacame the national ambassador to the true face of Norway. The fjord landscape, blossoming orchards, mountains, apple-sider etc.
All works in this exhibition revolves around Hardanger in various ways. There is a resistance in filling the Hardanger concept with relevance to our time. The National romantic period is history and the daily building of a nation is looking elsewhere for elements to fit into the story of Norway. Have the fjords, mountains and folk culture been reduced to a tableau for tourists to wach, or is there more to grasp? Contemporary art has returned to the heartfelt and affectionate. Man must return to Hardanger.

The average age of the artists in this exhibition is higher than what is common for this particular type of venues. The exhibition presents a thesis that the works of the mature artists vary very little from the work of younger artists in more urban environments. The exhibition wants to facilitate a meeting between discourses that have developed in different directions, like a family reunion you really didn´t want to tend.

The artists of Hardanger are organized in separate independent networks. They have their own exclusive residence arrangements abroad, own exclusive scholarships and artistic workshops that outsiders never hear about ..
Svein Nå,
Weather and Wind
textile weaving
75 x 55 cm.

part of a series of three, where all titles refer to poems by Olav H. Hauge

left: Solfrid Aksnes
from Heim Kjære Heim | Home Sweet Home
2010 wood, acrylic, photoprint and objects

right: Lars Korff Lofthus
Golden Shower Cider Fountain,2011
silkscreen on paper (x3)
Solfrid Aksnes:
from Heim Kjære Heim | Home Sweet Home
2010 wood, acrylic, photoprint and objects
Golden Shower Cider Fountain
2011, silkscreen on paper
Leander Djønne:

2011 stone, engraving
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