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Galleri CC
TOTEMS (solo) at Galleri CC, Malmø March 3rd - 26th 2017 Galleri CC >
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Fyzzy fallos Lars Korff Lofthus
STOLTE SETUASJONER (group) at KABUSO April 5th 2014, in collaboration with NKDale
detail: untitled (forrest landscape) acrylic on canvas 2014 NKDale >

FLAGG at Nesflaten, Suldal April 6th - 30th, 2013. Entrée Entrée >
L/R residency >
Flag: BEARded AXE, in collaboration with Leander Djønne  
NEW WORK at Entrèe, Bergen 25 Jan -24 Feb 2013, Entrée >
detail: Wall and tree, acrylic, black crayon on paper 65 x 50 cm 2012


Vestlandsutstillingen 2013, curator Kjetil Berge Kabuso>
detail: photo (C-print)


Sculpture for POLART 2012 at Tromsø Kunstforening, . January 2012

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Makter og Menneske (magnet), an outdoor monument in Odda.
In collaboration with Leander Djønne >
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